Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hurray Friday!!

Today is a pretty fun Friday because I’ll be hanging with some friends watching college basketball and drinking beer. No complaints there! And tomorrow we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and my sister-in-law’s birthday with some delicious corned beef. My mother-in-law’s corned beef is so so so good, too.

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week.



I’m so excited for Sunday! My favorite couple – Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thorton – are getting married on When Calls The Heart.

I don’t know if you watch this show, but it’s adorable. It’s wholesome and everyone from 5 to 500 can watch it.



I don’t know if you guys have been watching the Paraolympics, but they are pretty amazing.

Their stories are going to make you just sob and they are pretty much some of the most inspiring people on the planet.

I love the regular olympics, but the paraolmpics just give you all the feels inside.



I voted this week in a special local election (actually it turned into a national thing, but I digress.).

I don’t think you get to complain about the elected officials if you don’t vote. Exercise your rights and vote.

Your candidate might not always win, but it’s about making sure you participate and have your voice heard.



It all starts this weekend! We go from 64+ teams to 16 in only 4 days. It’s so exciting and fun and I cannot wait!

And I promise one of these days I’ll talk about why I love sports. 🙂



I have no where (sad) to wear this cover up, but how much fun is this? I might need to get The Hubster to get on board with a tropical vacation sooner rather than later.

I think he’s leaning towards later. Boo.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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