How We Wednesday

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I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for How We Wednesday.

Today’s topic is mom fails…and while I’m not a mom, I thought I would provide entertainment with some funny mom fails I found on the internet.


Stupid auto-correct


Me someday. We rarely have cash on us.


Honesty *is* the best policy.


I love little kid drawings. 🙂


In January, we talked about our goals and resolutions

In February, we talked about how we take care of ourselves.

How We 2

One thought on “How We Wednesday

  1. I love little kid drawings, too! And they do say the craziest things! Mine went through a cussing phase at about 18 months but now, at 3, she won’t say a 4-letter word, thankfully. We’ve also gotten a lot better with the PG language, though. Ha ha!

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