Erika did this post about all the current stuff happening in her life and I thought it would a fun thing to do! 🙂


Cooking: The Hubster has started to make us these awesome brunches and I am not one to complain about him making me yummy food. (If only I didn’t have to clean up…)


Drinking: I mentioned a few weeks ago that I couldn’t stop drinking tea. I am still drinking a few cups of tea a day! I think it’s better than drinking a ton of coffee (and I still do drink a cup in the morning.)


Eating: Have you guys tried these bagel chips and dip? They are so good! I have been eating them for breakfast at my desk in the mornings and they’ve turned into the easiest thing to take to work.


Reading: I saw Not That I Could Tell as a sponsored book on my Instagram and read the description. It sounded really good, so I’m looking forward to it being downloaded onto my Kindle in a few weeks.

Trench Coat

Wanting: I really do want this trench coat for Easter. I don’t need it. It’s a little more than I want to spend on an Easter coat, but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting it! 🙂


Looking: I think that one of our trips this year should be to Gettysburg. I’ve never been and the town is so full of history that I think we would enjoy it. I’m going to keep researching hotels and stuff to see where we should stay and what we can do. If any of you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


Playing: I can’t stop playing Word Cookies on my phone. I should really think about deleting it off so I do some actual housework.

Butter Sticks

Wasting: Butter. I feel like I throw a lot of half used sticks of butter because I never know (a) how long it’s been in the fridge and (b) how long is it good for? Forever? A month? Three? A year?


Buying: These Athena Alexander Monett shoes somehow made their way to my house for Easter.

Sewing: I haven’t had my sewing machine out in ages. Sad.


Wishing: We could implement naptime at work every day. Anyone else with me?


Loving: All the amazing pictures we have from Disney.


Hoping: I keep thinking I’ve forgotten someone’s birthday. My calendar does not indicate that is the case, so I’m hopeful. But I have that feeling.


Marveling: Can I be Jennifer Garner when I grow up? She’s beautiful and seems like she can kick some serious butt when she needs. Plus her outfits are amazing.


Needing: Is it time for Easter chocolates yet? The Hubster and I get the mini chocolates when we’re in Buffalo. Of course because they are little, we tell ourselves that we’re not eating too many. #lieswetellourselves


Smelling: I went to an essential oils party a few days ago and bought these 2 blends. I like them both so far. And the both smell pretty great.


Tank: Double Layer Satin Cami | Express
Similar Cardigan: Halogen Rib Knit Wool Blend Cardigan | Nordstrom
Similar Pants: Midrise Stretch Skinny Pant | Express
Shoes: Denton Pumps | Nine West

Wearing: This outfit on repeat. I’ve recently become a fan of cardigans.


Praying: We have been trying to have a baby for more than 2 years and it hasn’t happened for us yet. While it’s very disappointing, we haven’t lost faith and I have started praying to the Saints for guidance and a baby.


Noticing: My hair desperately needs a cut and color. It’s been since September, so I would say I’m due for an update.



Thinking: Yes. All of this.


Opening: I know I’m a total dork – but it’s time for me to transition to a new notebook at work and this one is what I picked. It feels fancy and important. I had one awhile ago and am looking forward to this one.

I love office supplies.


Giggling: Is this anyone else? Because this is SO ME.


Feeling: I could really go for a tropical vacation. If you see The Hubster around, put in a good word!

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