My Beauty Routine – Lotions & Potions


Today we’re talking about lotions, potions, and deodorant! It’s a long one, so grab your favorite coffee and settle in!

Last week, I mentioned that I am allergic to all things that touch your skin. I’m sure most people rolled their eyes and said, “yeah, yeah, we all have sensitive skin.” I get it. I’ve had sensitive skin for most of my life. Mostly I would just be careful about what I put on my skin and didn’t really think too much about it.

And then The Hubster and I had our 2nd Anniversary Dinner on a beach in the Bahamas. No, seriously. It sounds all nice and romantic. And it was. Until I got about 50 (no joke) mosquito and sand flea bites on my arms and legs.


See these smiles? These are people that had no idea of the allergy treatment coming.

After we got home, I thought these bites would go away. A few of them did and some of them started to get larger and itchier months later.

Dermatologists 1, 2, and 3 all tried to help me but every time I saw them I was getting worse. I looked so bad The Hubster told me not to go out because it looked like I had leprosy.

I finally found Dermatologist 4, who was such a huge blessing. It sounds silly but without him, there is no way I would have gotten cured. He took one look at me, the fact that I had large open sores on my arms, legs, stomach, and back and told me that he would help me until they were all gone. And he did.

If you live in Long Island and need a dermatologist, I highly recommend Dr. Seth Wilentz. He worked with me for six months. I went through regular allergy testing. We couldn’t figure out what was happening. He referred me to the mecca of allergy testing doctors and came into New York City with me to make sure that I got the best treatment. And after all that time, we finally figured it out.

I am allergic to everything that can be put on your skin. Just kidding. But very close.

It really boils down to 90% of the antibiotic and steroid cremes, along with virtually all the chemicals in lotions, I’m not allowed to have touch my skin. I also can’t have rubber, some random ingredient in the glue on band-aids, and gold. So long story short – I shouldn’t be wearing spandex (or flip flops), can’t cover my cuts, and shouldn’t be wearing my wedding ring.

It’s worth noting I’m not allergic to diamonds and platinum. The Hubster rolled his eyes at that one.

So now that I’ve rambled, here are a listing of all the lotions and potions I can put on skin without violent reaction. It should be noted that most of the skin care items I use are either all natural or plant based.

I found this Olivina lotion randomly at some super small boutique when I was on vacation. It’s olive based, so it’s definitely safe for my skin and it smells really nice. It’s not oily or heavy. I think they make a lavender one too.


Coconut oil is a pretty amazing. You can cook with it. You can put it in your hair to make it nicer. You can use it for a moisturizer. It’s pretty amazing. When I realized that I could use this on my skin (because there are no additives of any kind to it), I couldn’t find it anywhere. I ordered some online. When we were in Hawaii a few years ago, I saw it on a shelf in a health food store. I freaked out in excitement. The Hubster and the remaining patrons thought I had lost my mind. But my skin thanked me profusely.


When I first got diagnosed with all these allergies, my skin was super dry and itchy from all the bites. And we weren’t totally sure what I could put on it safely. So Dr. Wilentz recommended Vaseline. I thought he was crazy and it was weird to be shiny all the time. But it worked. So when my skin gets all weird (like in the summer when I get more bug bites), I default back to Vaseline.


When my skin breaks out, I didn’t know what to do. So I recently turned to Yes to Tomatoes. It’s all natural, easy on my skin, and works very effectively. I buy all my stuff at Target.


And lastly, if you want an even more natural way of fighting breakouts, use this raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Your face smells like a salad for awhile, but it does help clear up breakouts and any scaring. I found mine at the grocery store.


Garnier makes this new all natural, paraben-free shampoo. Shampoo was a big change for me because I was afraid to use just anything. When you wash your hair and rinse it, all of it will wash over your body. So I had to be really careful. And when this came out, it was pretty great. It smells good and washes my hair nicely. There are other flavors, but this one works the best for me.


My scalp gets really itchy in the winter and I can’t confirm all the ingredients in most dandruff shampoos are safe. One of my friends recommended tea tree shampoo and it works perfect. The Hubster likes it too! So this is definitely in my beauty routine in the winter.

I hope maybe this helps you out. If you want some advice, feel free to leave me a comment and I’d be more than happy to help you. It took a long time for me to find a routine that worked for me. Now there is a ton of stuff out there and I’m more than happy to share all of my finds and see what I can do to help you.

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