Friday Favorites!


Hurray! It’s the weekend!

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my week’s favorites.



I have super crazy sensitive skin. (I talked about it here.)

Because I’m so sensitive, I have to find soaps without parabens, which sometimes is difficult. So when I find good soap, I buy tons of it.

When we were in Buffalo, I found that my favorite store, Wegmans, makes their own organic soap.

It smells good, has no chemicals, and so far it cleans my skin!

So I bought like 6 of them. NBD

Super excited to have this new find!


We got a wedding invitation in the mail and it has to be one of the most pretty invitations I’ve ever received! We’re so looking forward to dancing the night away very soon!



My assistant just booked this place for her vacation in a couple of months. I’m crazy jealous because I could totally go for a lay on the beach right now. Especially because it’s so cold here!

Plus, I love the beach. Doesn’t everyone?


Can we please, please, please never send Corinne home on The Bachelor?

Because that entertainment can’t be replicated.

She’s in love with him after 30 minutes?

#bachelornationiscrazy #ilovethisshow

Seriously. This might be the most dramatic show yet. 🙂



It’s Girl Scout cookie season by me.

So pretty much that means this fragile “healthy eating” thing I’ve got going on is totally and completely out the window.

Because thin mints and samoas. And Do-Si-Dos when I’m desperate.


Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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