Winter Sales!


So The Hubster and I decided that we should consider being smarter with our money, so I’ve been put on a budget.

This is greatly limiting my ability to buy cute new outfits.


That doesn’t mean I can’t window shop the sales!!


June and Hudson Knot Front Sweater Tee | Nordstrom

How cute is this top? I can see myself wearing it with a pair of cute jeans. Or my Gap Bi-stretch Skinny Ankle Pants (which are only $22.97 now!)


Patagonia ‘Better Sweater’ Fleece Coat | Nordstrom

Since it’s so cold here (and everywhere), I’m craving warm clothes and coats. This one looks so cozy. I would totally wear it if the weather got above 32 here!


Pure Body Mockneck Poncho | Gap

I wold totally wear this to (a) lay on the couch and watch movies and (b) on my way to the gym/pilates class. In that order too.


Cozy Polka Dot Jumper | Gap

I bought this for my niece for Christmas and it’s adorable. If you need something adorable to buy for a little girl, this is a must have.

It comes with a cute diaper cover too that matches.


It’s a very sad day, Friends. The Limited is going out to of business.

When I was shopping before Christmas, everything in my store was 75% off. So I picked up some dress skirts for work at a super cheap price.

But this makes me sad.

I buy all of my work clothes at The Limited.

My suits. My dressy shirts. My dress pants.

They almost exclusively come from The Limited.

I do have a suit from Banana Republic. That I had to buy in a hurry for a funeral. It wasn’t on sale. And I paid over $400 for it.

The Limited’s suits weren’t that expensive and I would get them on sale and it was a good deal.

So if you need to stock up on some good professional clothes. Head over to The Limited and see if you can get any good deals!

Speaking of Banana Republic – this dress is on sale now for $44. It wasn’t that good of a deal when I tried it on in November!


I’m also salivating over this Herringbone Flannel Peplum Dress. It’s so pretty!


I got similar slippers to these for Christmas and they are like heaven on your feet!

And for $19.99, you can’t beat this deal! 🙂

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