Weekend Shenanigans


It’s Monday morning again. How do they keep coming so fast?

But today, I’m ready to take on this week!

Before I get to this week, let’s discuss this weekend!


Similar Sweatshirt: Women’s Brushed Cowlneck Leisure Top | Target
Jeans: AEO X Skinny Jeans | American Eagle
Shoes: adidas NEO Cloudfoam Xpression Mesh Sneaker | DSW

Saturday morning I put on a comfy shopping outfit and headed out for a shopping adventure.

My first stop was Target where I found tons of adorable clothes that I can wait to share with you!

But not today. lol


So a magical thing happened when I walked into Target on Saturday.

They handed me this shopping bag and said they were handing out free samples and to walk around the store.

Fun little treats around Target, in addition to the regular stuff you can find?

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Look at all these fun things! Yummy snacks, shampoo and a face wash!

I mean, I know you’re all jealous!


Also these pens were on sale.

If you like office pens like I do, these have to be in your life. Because they are fantastic.


And then I did something that I rarely do.

I ate lunch alone at Panera.

The Hubster was working and I didn’t know when he was coming home. So I headed next door to Panera, ordered lunch, and ate by myself next to the fire.

It was 20 minutes where I people watched, read a little news on my phone, and just enjoyed a quiet lunch.

I never used to do this. I thought I looked like a weirdo eating alone. But now, I enjoy this little treat every once in awhile.


Saturday  night we went to our friends’ house and had a fun game night.

We played our first games of Pieface Showdown.

It’s hilarious and terrifying all at the same time.

I faced-off against The Hubster and lost. But really might have won because the whip cream bounced off me and hit him in the side of the face.

But then I lost against a 7 year old (!!) and got whip cream in the face.

It was really funny.


Then we got into Creationary.

The Hubster got this game for his birthday a few years ago and we love playing it. It’s like pictionary but you build instead of draw. It’s pretty fun.

I”m also terrible at it. haha

I think it’s because I’m not familiar with the types of bricks.

But The Hubster kicks butt at it. As do little kids.


On Sunday I discovered that Justin Timberlake has a special on Netflix.

Pretty much this is amazing.

I saw Justin when he was singing his 20/20 tour at Madison Square Garden. He was so good.

This is a fun treat to see. Who doesn’t love Justin Timberlake? 😉

Lots of fun stuff happening this week. I have a fun trip coming up to see some art and The Hubster turns 36 on Friday!

Have a great day everyone!

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