Thirsty Thursday!


Let’s talk about The Hubster’s new favorite drink – the Bloody Mary!

Last month, The Hubster and I went to this adorable little town for our anniversary. Before we left, I stumbled on this cute craft fair and we walked around for a few hours. One of our purchases was this Muddy Mary’s Bloody Mary Mix.

We tried a little sample and liked it. So we bought a bottle of the mix.

The Hubster is obsessed.

He makes himself at least one bloody mary a day now. It doesn’t always have alcohol in it.

Each night, he comes home, mixes this “mud” with some V-8 or tomato juice, depending on what’s in the pantry, and is the happiest camper around.

There was mild panic in my house last week because we ran out of the mix. But you can buy it online (hallelujah!). It arrived a few days ago, so all is right in my house now.

I admit. It’s pretty tasty.

I just don’t have one every day. haha

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