Stitch Fix #1


After seeing all the posts on Facebook and reading multiple blogs about it, I finally signed up. And my first delivery did not disappoint!


My first delivery had a dress, a shirt, a cardigan, and a pair of shoes.

So I first tried on the Collective Concepts Amabell Dress with the Diba Pippa Studded D’Orsay Flats. I was initially skeptical of both of them, but they are both keepers. The dress was really comfy and while I usually stay away from patterns, this one was super adorable. Plus, you can wear it with a jean jacket when it gets cold out.

The flats are adorable and totally not something I would have picked out at the store. But I think I could use another pair of flats. They’re army green and will go with a bunch of my fall clothes. So looking forward to wearing them.


(Please ignore the wrinkles.) Next, I tried on the Papermoon Burkett Lace Detail Knit Top with the Just Black Winslett Super Skinny Jeans. The jeans were really comfy but I didn’t love them enough to keep them. I did love the shirt. It is adorable. It’s comfortable and can be dressy and casual.


I just added the Market & Spruce Bri Knit Cardigan to the above outfit. It was really comfy but I didn’t keep it. I just didn’t think I would wear it enough to justify keeping it.

Overall, I loved this box. I am super excited that every month something fun will arrive on my doorstep. Can’t wait for next month!

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