Shopping Spree!


Last week I had a few hours to kill in between meetings and I was across the street from a mall! Gasp! What was a girl to do but head inside and find some goodies!


Shirt:  Papermoon Lace Detail Knit Top | Stitch Fix
Skirt:  Ponte Flounce Skirt | Banana Republic
Similar Shoes: Michael Kors MK Flex Pump | Amazon

I am super excited about this skirt. It’s a heavier material and will be really cute to wear in Fall and through Winter.  I think you could wear this skirt with a sweater too! And the top is one of my keepers from Stitch Fix #1.


Shirt:  Scallop Top | Banana Republic
Similar Skirt:  Navy Pencil Skirt | Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West Tatiana | Amazon

Love this whole outfit. This top is adorable. And I’ve been looking for tops to wear with pencil skirts. Plus, any opportunity to wear these green shoes!


Pajamas: Gap

I’m not sure why I can’t find these online, but I think these might be one of those in-store only items. Let me just say, these are so crazy comfy and I pretty much want to wear them all the time. And to work.


Top: Textured Dot Sweater | Ann Taylor
Skirt: Fanned Floral Pencil Skirt | Ann Taylor

I found this outfit thanks to Sheaffer. This outfit is adorable. The skirt fits so nicely and the sweater is really comfortable. It’s perfect for Fall. You can’t see but there is detail on the sweater, too. I’m super excited to wear this adorable outfit!

Top: Ann Taylor Outlet
Pants: Bi-Stretch Skinny Ankle Pants | Gap

I bought this shirt on a whim when I stopped at an outlet mall. I can’t find a similar one, but it’s a light pink. And these pants are cute and I thought I liked them when I saw them at Gap. But when I had them on, I wasn’t super crazy about them, so they are going back. But they are really comfy.


Shirt: Black T-Shirt | Target
Skirt: Cassie | Lularoe

No shopping spree would be complete without some fun new Lularoe pieces! One of my besties invited me to her party and I picked up some fab new items. Including this Cassie skirt. I’m looking forward to wearing this to work!


Shirt: Black T-Shirt | Target
Skirt: Cassie | Lularoe

I also grabbed this Cassie skirt. I love it less than the one above, but it’s going to be so adorable this Fall and Winter.


This Amelia dress is so out of my comfort zone, but it looked adorable and I figured that it should be a dress I would aspire to wear. Stay tuned to see if I actually end up wearing it.


Of course no Lularoe party would be complete without a pair of classic leggings and a new tunic. I bought the Irma tunic for the first time and I am a fan! So comfy and loose. And I don’t have any teal leggings, so these will be fun to wear.


Let’s end this post with a shout out to the Buffalo Bills! First win of the year! When I was in Buffalo, I picked up these old school Zubuz pants. I can’t imagine anyone but Buffalo fans are going to want them, but I like them. haha

Phew – I had quite a shopping spree! Can’t wait to start wearing these out and about!

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