What’s Up Wednesday


Can you believe it’s the end of September already? This month is flying by!

[what we’re eating this week]


I made a giant pot of chicken wing soup on Sunday and we’re still eating it. It’s so delicious and unhealthy (or at least the way I make it).

I also can’t stop eating my homemade caesar salad. I could seriously eat that every day for all the meals.

[what i’m reminiscing about]


All my fun Halloween costumes!

[what i’m loving]


Similar Shirt: One Eleven Tiny Tee | Express
Skirt: Cassie | Lularoe
Shoes: Ginny Pointy Toe Pumps | Nine West

This Lularoe Cassie skirt is quickly become a favorite. It’s so easy to wear. Best part is the conversation I had with The Hubster.

Me:  Do you like my new skirt?
Hubster: Ummm, that’s a new skirt?
Me: Yes. I bought it last weekend when I was with Maureen.
Hubster: Oh, it looks like everything else in your closet.

So I take this as a massive win. He has no clue how much I shop and what I’m buying. For all he knows, I’m wearing the same clothes from 6 years ago!

[what we’ve been up to]


Lots of work and lots of travel.

At least I get this view from my hotel room!

[what i’m dreading]

I have 7 days of travel in a row coming up. Thankfully I’ll be in the same city and the same hotel room, but 7 days away from my bed is zero fun.

[what i’m working on]


Sneak peek of my shopping spree post for tomorrow!

[what i’m excited about]


I am probably the only person in the world who is excited the Bills won on Sunday. haha

[what i’m watching/reading]


Like the millions of other people, I’m totally hooked on This Is Us. I can’t wait to see more!

I somehow got myself suckered into these cheesy (and racy) romance novels. They’re cute and a really fast read. Plus, they’re on my Kindle Unlimited, so I didn’t have to buy an extra book!

[what i’m listening to]


I heard this song in the car the other day and can’t stop listening to it. I really like it and now it’s on repeat in my phone.

[what i’m wearing]


Dress:  Long Sleeve Woven Dress | Target
Booties:  Peep Toe Stacked Heel Bootie | Amazon

I found this dress when I was looking for a tote bag in Target. Yes, I think everyone can understand how that happens. But this dress is super cute and really lightweight. I recommend!


My first Stitch Fix arrived! Check out the blog tomorrow where I talk all about it!

[what i’m doing this weekend]


Sunday is our 6th wedding anniversary. Holy cow. Six.

We’ve been married as long as we dated.

I got The Hubster a pretty fun gift. Can’t wait to give it to him! (I think he knows what it is. It’s quite heavy and he had to carry it in the house off the porch.)

[what i’m looking forward to next month]

It’s Boat Show season and I’m heading to my favorite one – Annapolis! The people there are so fun and I always have such a good time being at that show. Of course, it’s a really long few days of standing at a booth saying the same things over and over and over and over. But we do always enjoy it.


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