Let’s Talk – Entertainment


I’m joining the monthly chit chat with Erika and Andrea! And this month, let’s talk about all things entertainment.


I think I’ve discussed how I love reading. Or at least I hope it’s been conveyed because I like to do a monthly book club!


Have you guys heard of Kindle Unlimited? If you have a Kindle (or an Amazon account), for $9.99 per month, you can read an unlimited number of books. Yes, I said an unlimited  number of books. Since I could spend like $100 a month on books alone, this is a fabulous deal. There are so many books on there and you can have up to 10 out at a time. Plus, if you get halfway through a book and decide you don’t like it, you can let it go without feeling like you wasted a ton of money and have to finish it. You don’t.

Of course I do still buy books at the store and on my kindle, but it’s pretty amazing.

(note: amazon did not pay me to advertise this product.)


A few weeks ago, I did a Stranded post on my favorite movies of all time. But I’m missing some other good ones.


The Wizard of Oz is the first movie The Hubster and I ever saw together. It’s on tv every year around Thanksgiving and right after we started dating he came over one night and we watched it together. And that year he got me emerald earrings for Christmas because he knew how much I liked the movie. ::swoon::


For some really strange and unexplicable reason, I cannot stop myself from watching Speed when it’s on. I mean, maybe this time the bus won’t blow up. Or maybe they’ll find the bomb earlier. It’s a weirdness. I know this. And I once stayed up until 4am on a worknight watching this movie.

Any movie with Tom Hanks. Literally any movie.

But Sleepless in Seattle? One of my favs. Because we were MFEO. (made for each other…eyeroll…hahahaha)



A People magazine might be delivered to my mailbox every week. I don’t feel bad about it and I love reading it. Ask me anything, I’m totally up on my pop culture! 🙂


I love reading people’s blogs. I get some great ideas for fashion, home decorating, and love peeking in to see people’s families!

Of course I follow Erika and Andrea and Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer.

Plus, I love reading about people’s adoptions (near and dear to my heart), so I read Everything Beautiful and 3 Peanuts and Baseballs to Bows and Paige.

Phew. That’s a lot of blogs!


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