Stranded: Movies


Today I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything to talk about what 3 movies I would take if I was stranded on a deserted island.



I think The Sandlot is a very unconventional pick for me, but it’s really one of my favorite movies. I could watch it anytime of the day. And recite the words. It’s funny and timeless, too. The grown-up me should pick something sophisticated, but let’s get real, friends. The Sandlot is my movie. My brother and I watched it like twice a week for a year when we were growing up.



I think if I was stranded and couldn’t shop, Sex and the City would be a must have movie. I mean, how else would I get my fix of shoes and clothes?



Miracle on 34th Street is not only my favorite Christmas movie, but it totally deserves to be in my top 3. There’s Christmas. There’s romance. There’s Santa. It’s perfect.

Random note: The house that Santa gives Susan in the original version is actually located in Long Island and right around the corner from where I worked. One of the first things I made The Hubster do when we moved there was to do a drive by. Unfortunately, I got a new phone and don’t have any of the pictures off my old phone from then.



The Hunt for Red October would totally depend on whether I was Stranded with The Hubster or not. If he was there, he would bring this movie and annoy me by reciting all the words in his Russian accent. But if I was without him, I’d bring this movie and pretend he was there with me.

I’ll see you next month with my top 3 outerwear items. (Shhh…it probably has a bunch of hoodies and North Face!)


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