Friday Favorites


Friends, are we all saying a big HURRAH today? It’s been quite a week for me. Let’s link up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share this week’s favorites.



I hung out at my town’s Fall Festival and for about 2 seconds, I pretended I was in Stars Hollow! I mean, there’s a gazebo, a festival, and amazingly delicious junk food. All I needed was Hep Alien to take the stage and have Taylor freak out because someone was being unsafe!! Oh I love Gilmore Girls. It’s an unhealthy obsession.


I even got to cheer on my favorite trumpet player, Kira, in the parade. She’s so cute! (And that is the exact opposite of what she wants to be called.) But she’s a very talented trumpet player and we occasionally get treated to a concert when she’s practicing at night.



The view out of my hotel window this week was pretty amazing. I was only a few blocks from the bombing that happened over the weekend, but I’m always pretty surprised by the resilience of New Yorkers. Having lived here for a few years, I totally get it, but now that I’ve been out for awhile, it surprises me. It shouldn’t.

Regardless, this is a pretty amazeballs view.



I had lunch at Eataly, which is Mario Batali’s restaurant/store. If you are ever in NYC or anywhere that there is an Eataly, YOU HAVE TO GO THERE. The pasta was out of this world delicious and there was so many fresh foods that I wished I was driving back so I could bring some of this home.

Side note. I drove to NYC and flew out. Since I knew I had a 6 hour drive, I wore comfy sweats. I couldn’t get into my room and my co-worker wanted to eat right away while we were waiting.

You guys, I ate at Mario Batali’s restaurant IN MY SWEATPANTS.


The food was still delicious.



Have you ever had Jamba Juice? I first tried it many years ago and basically I was hooked. I always thought they were exclusively on the West Coast, but they have moved to various other cities. When I lived in New York, I used to get a Jamba everytime we passed one. The Hubster doesn’t love Jamba as much as I, but it’s okay. He always stops for me. But when I flew yesterday, I had to have one. And it was amazing. Yum!



This was the gorgeous sunrise on my drive to work one morning this week. It’s breathtaking. The sun over the mountains. I am a very lucky girl to see this every day. Makes me smile in the mornings.

What are you guys doing this weekend? The Hubster and I are visiting some family and hopefully I’ll be getting lots of sleep! hehe

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