Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday

Yay! It’s one of my favorite days – Target Tuesday! Let me show you what I found this week!


Dress: Women’s Cold Shoulder with E-waist

I thought this dress was so cute and I immediately put it into my cart. While it looks super cute, I didn’t buy it. I got a small, which is my normal size, but it was so tight I could barely get it on. It doesn’t look like it’s too small in the picture, but it was. I think a medium might have fit a little better. Adorable dress. I’m sad it didn’t fit.


Dress: Textured Fit and Flare Ponte Dress

I thought maybe I could wear this dress to work and in theory I could. But I didn’t love this dress enough to buy it. The one weird seam on the chest made me not like it. And the fact that I think it isn’t too flattering.


Shirt:  Celestial Moonlight Graphic Tee
Jeans: Knox Rose Midrise Skinny Jeans
Booties: dv Nya Booties

Okay, I didn’t buy any pieces from this outfit. But now that I’m looking at a picture of myself wearing this outfit, I put the shirt into my cart! It was super cute and really soft. The jeans were good, but way too long for me. And the booties were site, I just didn’t need another pair of gray booties.

Sweater: Striped Brushed Leisure Top
Jeans: Modern Fit Indigo Skinny Jeans
Boots: dv Marilyn Over the Knee Boots

So much about this outfit I love. I don’t think you’ve seen me in navy and white stripes, but it’s one of my favorite things to wear. I have so many tops that are navy and white striped. And this sweater is soooo soft. This was a medium and didn’t fit, but I wish that it had. Because it felt awesome. And the Target jeans surprised me. They were super comfy and fit me very well. And the over-the-knee boots I featured as a Shopping Steal so we know those are awesome.

I give this outfit 2 thumbs up!


Shirt: Plaid Favorite Shirt
Jeans: Modern Fit Indigo Skinny Jeans
Boots: dv Marilyn Over the Knee Boots

This popover is super comfy. I really liked the colors and think it would look cute with some good jewelry too. I didn’t buy it but did like how comfy it is. The flannel is quite cozy.


Tank: Lace Camisole
Sweatshirt: Yoga Cozy Open Layering Sweatshirt
Jeans: Modern Fit Indigo Skinny Jeans
Boots: dv Marilyn Over the Knee Boots

This sweatshirt is so cute. I threw it in my cart as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size – only extra small and medium. I’m wearing a medium and it didn’t sit right on me. The same went for the extra small. Boo. I really wanted to buy this.


Did you know that Adam Levine is selling guitars at Target? I had no idea!

I’m also not buying a guitar.


Does anyone know what this is? It was randomly sitting on an empty shelf. I didn’t realize the Stanley Cup was turned bronze and left at Target. hahaha

Final thoughts – this wasn’t my most successful Target trip. I didn’t really buy any of these outfits because they didn’t have my size or I didn’t like them. Better luck next time? Of course, I bought a ton of misc stuff. We’ll discuss those next time.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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