Labor Day Weekend Fun

I just realized that I never blogged about our awesome Labor Day weekend! Come on in if you want to hear about all our fun adventures (including me fishing!)


The Hubster’s great aunt and uncle have a man-made lake just outside Erie, PA. They invited us all to come down and visit for the day. And I am so glad they did! We haven’t been to Lake Telega in about 9 years and it’s changed so much since the last time we saw it. They added about 3.5 acres to the size of the lake, built a giant shelter, added a boat, installed a fountain, and built up the beach. It’s amazing. Seriously.

The Hubster and I are trying to figure out how we win the lottery so we can get our own lake.

I recently decided that I liked fishing. Previously I thought it was slimy, dirty, and smelly. It’s all of those things, but I figure that it’s a nice way to relax and it’s fun to catch fish. Of course, I got around the dirty and slimy parts by purchasing $0.99 gloves from Walmart so that I don’t have to directly touch the worm or fish. 🙂

It was pretty fun to catch a 12″ large mouth bass. I threw it back, but it’s one of the bigger fish I’ve ever caught.


On Labor Day, The Hubster and I, along with Sassy Mama and her Main Squeeze, loaded up in the little sporty cars and headed out on the road. We ended up at this tiny little diner that felt like it’s still in the 50s. It was so cute and the food was pretty good too!

We encountered this funny place called Gravity Hill. It’s a fun optical illusion where you look like you’re going uphill but really you’re going down. It’s only for like a quarter mile and I was laughing and being funny and missed it the first time. lol We turned around and I got it the second time.

We probably won’t go back, but it was a funny thing to do.IMG_6842.JPG

The weekend ended with a picnic with one of our favorite families. We ate some yummy food and had a rock throwing contest. It turned out to be the perfect night to hang out by the water.


I love spending time with this guy. It was so nice to relax with him all weekend!

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