Friday Favorites


It’s Friday!! And you know what that means! Erika, Narci, and Andrea  share their favorites every week and I’m happy to be joining them!


A friend of mine gifted me with these snacks on Tuesday and I have basically been unable to stop eating them. It’s gotten so bad that many of my co-workers are now casually stopping in my office to chat and eat one.

Rumor has it they came from the cookie aisle at Target and maybe I’m going to have to stay away from Target until I forget how delicious the caramel and cookie tastes together.



I’ve recently decided that these Caramel Frappuccinos are my summer morning drink. When it’s so hot out, I can’t bring myself to drink hot drinks. So I buy a multi-pack of these goodies and drink one each morning.

A co-worker pointed out that it’s basically coffee-flavored sugar water that I’m drinking. Since it was before I had actually had a sip, I looked at him and said, “yes, I know.  It gets the job done.”

I mean, is it really any worse for me than Coke or Pepsi? At least it’s pretending to be coffee.


I mentioned last Thursday that these adorable sandals are the perfect August sandal. And guess what, I was totally right. These Sam Edelman Gemina Toe Ring sandals are colorful, comfortable, and adorable. Plus they match mostly any outfit. There’s a little jingle bell on each sandal too, so you hear a cute jingle every time you walk down the hall.

PS – can you please ignore the fact that I desperately need a pedicure. Maybe I can fit one in this weekend. Because the thought of soaking my feet and then having someone rub them sounds heavenly.



This right here is my very first tomato! I’m so thrilled that I was able to keep something alive!

The Hubster and I are NOT gardeners. When we landscaped our backyard, we tried to remember to water all of our new shrubs. We kept forgetting and ended up buying an automatic watering thing to hook up to the hose so that our plants would get a drink every day.

So this is a feat worth celebrating! We ate this tomato yesterday and it was delish!

We also decided that if we could successfully keep our plants alive and grow at least 1 tomato, we would consider adding a small person to our family. I know growing a tomato isn’t the same as providing for a human, but let me have my moment.


This story came into my inbox this week and it’s definitely a favorite! Zion Harvey is 9 years old and underwent a double hand transplant. He was asked to throw out the first pitch at the Baltimore Orioles game this week. What an adorable kid and how inspiring is his story. His mother donated her kidney to him a few years ago. I wish him all the best and hope that you find this story as awesome as I did.

Have a fantastic weekend! What are your plans?

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