Thursday Thoughts

The Bachelorette Edition – Men Tell All


Source:  US Weekly

  • How is it that after we see/hear JoJo crying, her makeup is always perfect and she doesn’t look like she’s been crying?  I look like a tornado hit my face for at least an hour after crying that hard.

  • How do the Bachelorettes get the boutonnieres to stay on so easily?  I’ve done it a few times and felt bad because I’ve stabbed The Hubster in the chest a million times and then the flower is crooked and it looks like it’s precariously balanced on the jacket.
  • Can I give a shout out to Chad?  The Hubster hates watching most of the shows that I watch.  But Chad’s antics were even crazy to him.  And so for those few weeks, I was able to watch the show with him.
  • Is it me or do Robbie and Jordan have the same haircut just styled differently?  Also, both of their professions include the word “former” in them.  So what exactly is it they do everyday?
  • Oh my gosh – I forgot there were some really sweet guys on this season.  I think Chad clouded all of our vision.
  • Who will be the next Bachelor?  Chase?  Luke?
  • I might tune into Bachelor in Paradise just to see the train wreck that is Chad.  But I’m sure that ABC is hoping for just that.  Wow.  I’m gullible.


  • How did I forget that Chad ate a yam on tv?  A RAW YAM PEOPLE!  I can barely stomach a cooked one.
  • Ouch.  Chad dated the ex-girlfriends of Grant and Robbie?  He screams desperation and wanting to remain relevant.  Although see above.  Clearly it’s working for both America, me, and ABC.
  • Okay, enough of Chad’s madness.  Let’s move on to someone else.
  • Now we’re on Luke and Chase and I’ll admit, it’s so boring that I actually spaced out and didn’t really pay attention.  Sad.
  • I don’t have a lot of ex-boyfriends, but I’m very happy that I will never have to be in a room with them.  Could you imagine?
  • I have an enormous amount of respect for both JoJo and Chase.  JoJo for not sleeping with someone she wasn’t really feeling.


  • Best JoJo face of the night.


  • Chris:  Alex, what would you like to say to JoJo?
    Alex:  How could you dump me 2 seconds after you made me wear those stupid gaucho pants and hat?
  • I really need to make a bean salad and cut up some strawberries for a snack tomorrow. But I am so distracted by this show.
  • How funny/scary/hilarious is Vinny’s mom?
  • Now I just need to know who is going to be the Bachelor.  My friend Erin and I need to start getting excited.  haha

I’m going to close this random stream of consciousness with this story.

When The Hubster and I were dating, I used to try to convince him that we should sign up to be on the Bachelorette.  I would be the Bachelorette and of course I would pick him.  And we could go on amazing dates.  And see the world.  And if I was the Bachelorette, I would try to pick some of our other friends so we could have a fun time together.  But he always shot me down.  And said that this was one of my worst ideas ever.  Boo.



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