Thursday Thoughts

Office & School Supplies Edition

Does anyone else get super excited and tingly and feel all warm and fuzzy inside during this time of year? When I walk into stores and see school and office supplies, I can’t help myself and I *have* to walk by and see the pads and pens and markers. Oh my gosh. I’m getting a little excited just typing all of this out.


Aren’t these folders so adorable?

One of my besties sent me this funny from BuzzFeed about anyone who is slightly obsessed with office supplies. First I squealed because it’s hilarious and me. Second because she knows me so well.

I thought I would share my favorite supplies.


Sharpies. Enough said.

Just kidding. Sort of.

When I was a little kid, (who are we kidding – this is still applicable today, sadly) my mom wouldn’t let us use permanent markers. She told us they were for grown-ups only. So I was never allowed to use them. And then when I got to be a real adult, I came to the realization that Sharpies are the greatest thing ever and my mom just wanted to keep them all to herself and not share. Just kidding. She didn’t want me to ruin her carpet, walls, or table.

My mother-in-law has a very different view and let The Hubster use Sharpies his whole life. I thought I died and went to heaven the first time she told me help her write something down. She gave me a piece of paper and a Sharpie and didn’t say “be careful, put something under that, don’t write on my table.”

In any case. These markers are amazing. They write so nice and on everything and anything. And now they come in so many different colors and styles – fat, skinny, angled, paint, glitter. (Pssst – individual Sharpies are on sale at my Target for $1 per marker.  So I did what any normal girl would do – I bought them in all the colors available and immediately texted my friends to do the same.)



Choosing your favorite pen is a very personal and intimate decision. For realz. If you pick a bad pen, you whole document is ruined. I have a few go-to pens. These PaperMate ones don’t disappoint. Especially because they have so many fun colors.


I bought these adorable Kate Spade gold pens for work. They might be a tad bit skinny for writing long notes, but they write so nice. I love them. And since they gold and don’t look like every other pen, when someone steals it off my desk, I know immediately and demand it back.



Just as your pens are super important, so is your notebook. I think this notebook looks adorable and bonus – it’s college ruled! I am such a dork.



There is nothing (absolutely nothing) else in the world that gives me such nostalgia as Crayola crayons. The smells bring me back to childhood in an instant. And unless you like coloring or drawing with broken and waxy crayons, Crayola is the one to have. They even have fun names now, like macaroni and cheese!

I hope my supply favorites have been helpful. Of course there’s a million more things I could share, but that might be going overboard.

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