Marco Island Babymoon – Part 2

Today we’re talking about the second part of our Marco Island trip!

Since it’s so cold here, it feels good to reminisce about the beach!

We decided to take an airboat ride in the Everglades. I’ve never been on an airboat and The Hubster thought I’d love it.

The tour we went on stopped at a few other places and this is the smallest post office in the country. How adorable is this!!

Yeah, I wore the noise canceling headphones.

The Hubster thought I was being excessive.

But he told me to put one on my belly so the baby didn’t get excess noise. hahahaha

We saw quite a few gators!!

The Everglades are beautiful. Our tour guide was a really thorough person and explained a ton of stuff to us about how there are so many different kinds of swamps and that the Everglades are actually their own unique eco-system.

The last part of our tour was stopping at an alligator farm.

I’m just gonna say it.

From the moment we got there, I had a real “Tiger King” vibe. And I almost died when they said they had just added some rescue tigers they had gotten in from Oklahoma.

I kid you not.

It was at that point that I started looking up Big Cat Rescue and asking The Hubster if we could extend our trip another day so we could try to go see Carol Baskin. He didn’t go for it.

I met a new friend, Diego!

After the airboat ride and holding alligators, I figured I needed to decompress at the beach again.

My most favorite person in the world.

He’s always there for me and I can’t wait to see him as a dad.

And then our babymoon was over.

But we did a lot of relaxing, ate some good food, and had a blast together.

I highly recommend Marco Island for your next trip – we loved it!!

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