Amazon On My Porch

If you ordered food from, this meme compilation is for you. 30  funny pictures

I love seeing what people are buying on Amazon. Come on in and see what’s been coming to my house!

In an effort to stop going to the store every single time I think I need something, I added these cotton balls into my cart.

I pretty much only use cotton balls to remove nail polish and I was super happy with how dense they are and how well they work.

Speaking of nail polish, I am a very tough critic of nail polish remover. I hate the non-acetone ones.

(Spoiler alert – I work for a company where we have actual acetone on site for chemical use and I might sometimes use it to take off notoriously difficult shades – looking at you dark purple. Yes it’s fine for my fingers, but shouldn’t be used for that purpose regularly.)

So when I saw this new kind of remover, I was very skeptical.

But you guys, this works actually really great. I give it two thumbs up!

My mom’s dog can snuff out a treat from somewhere in like 0.002 seconds. It’s insane.

One of my friends found this treat finder thing for her dog and I thought it would be perfect for my mom’s dog. So far she doesn’t really love it because she can’t get right to the treat.

This is The Hubster’s favorite general seasoning to put on meats when he’s grilling.

The Hubster is terrified that the baby will poop everywhere and he’ll be covered.

So for a joke, I bought him a hazmat suit for Christmas.

He laughed. And then put it away in a safe place for when the baby comes. hahaha

I’m sure I’m super late to the party, but these Kind Nut Clusters are really good.

I’ve been having a hard time finding a non-carb snack and this totally fits the bill.

Let me tell you, gestational diabetes is no joke.

I’ve really had to be super duper careful with my diet and I haven’t had a big glass of juice in forever.

One of my co-workers let me know that grapefruits can help to stabilize blood sugar and I did a little bit of trial and error and we found that if I have a small glass of juice before bed, it’s better for me.

So I bought this juicer and we are now addicted to it.

I highly highly recommend it. It’s heavy duty and the 2 parts that you need to clean can go in the dishwasher.


We just got rid of our old juicer because it took up a ton of space, was a giant pain in the butt to clean, and pretty much discarded all of the healthy parts of the fruits/veggies. Plus, if you wanted to make orange juice, you had to peel every single orange. Do you know how many oranges you need to feed a couple people? It’s a lot. No one wants to help peel but everyone wants to drink the juice.

This juicer is perfect – you just cut the citrus fruit in half, shove it in the juicer, pull the handle down, and you’ve got juice!

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