2021 Fair

The Hubster and I go to the Erie County Fair every year.

Partially because we love the fair.

Partially because that’s where we had our first date…18 years ago! (Yikes – we are old!)

The fair was cancelled last year because of covid, so we were super pumped to get back there.

The fair is basically an excuse to eat all the food you can shovel in your mouth in a fixed amount of time.

This year, my brother-in-law and I came up with the genius idea to share everything, so we could try more stuff.

Why didn’t we do this years ago?!?!

Our first stop was the deep fried pierogi (it was so so and I didn’t get a pic).

Then we moved to this Pilgram Sundae…UH-MAZING!

A Pilgrim Sunday is mashed potatoes on the bottom, then turkey and stuffing and corn and gravy, topped with cranberry sauce.

I want one of those right now please.

We made our obligatory stop at Chiavetta’s chicken.

Where we ate our first meal together ever.

And where I thought The Hubster would propose. And he didn’t. haha

But this year we had the bambino on board.

Can’t wait to share all this with the baby next year!

We watched Lizzie milk a cow!

We listened to the high school marching band.

Those poor kids.

It was so hot out!

I played a few games of I Got It.

I didn’t get anything. Bummer.

We ended the day with a slide!

I even managed to not buy any of the crazy stuff the vendors sold.

Maybe because I was too busy eating cheese fries and fried dough. hahaha

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