Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday is back!!

And that meme has never been so true. haha

It’s fall coat season and I am here for it!

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear coat?

I loved the blue color of this coat.

I’m trying to decide if I can fit this over my bump for the cooler temps.

It has been cold enough for me to figure out what kind of coat I’ll be wearing this fall.

You guys, I’m barely accepting of the fact that I have to wear a coat in the morning on my way to work. There is absolutely zero chance I’ll be ready for hats, scarves, and gloves.

Loving this top/sweater but a little concerned that it’s kind of short.

I am not here for the crop top/shorter top season.

The color looks a little wonky from my picture, but this is a beautiful navy sweater that needed to live at my house.

I’m actually trying to decide if I need another color.

I love me a good sweater dress.

They go well with booties or tall boots.

And I think this one will be maternity friendly for me too!

Do I need this matching top and bottom set?


Did that stop me?

Also no.


Let me know what you guys have been buying at Target!

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