What’s Up Wednesday

Yikes – it’s the end of June!

Doesn’t it feel like the summer is half over already? (Although it’s crazy hot around here and feels like it’s definitely still summer.)

10 Ways to Save Up For and Fund Your Next Summer Vacation

I’m linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to talk about what’s happening.

[what we’re eating]

Life is super crazy these days.

I’m all about eating ice cream. haha

I swear we’ve barely been home during June and we’re really just grabbing stuff while we’re on the run.

[what i’m reminiscing about]

I had a work meeting and got to sneak in a dinner with one of my besties and my goddaughter.

We had planned to have a girls night but The Hubster crashed.

It was so fun to see them and I’m so glad we got to sneak in this fun dinner.

[what i’m loving]

Cool Cabana - Navy Stripes Beach Cabana | CoolCabanas

We’re heading to the beach at the end of July and 2 of the people in our group (ahem, The Hubster and my father-in-law) can’t really be in the sun.

I found this pop up cabana and it’s on the way to me right now.

It looks like it will fit quite a few of us in there.

I’m hoping this will help avoid The Hubster making towel umbrellas for himself!

[what we’ve been up to]

My nephew made his first communion a few weeks ago.

We’re so happy to get to be there with him!

[what i’ve been dreading]

There is something serious happening with my Dad.

He’s going through a ton of tests and doesn’t feel great. I hate seeing him not feeling his best.

We’re hoping the doctors can give us some good answers soon and we can start moving forward.

[what i’m working on]

We’ve been super busy at work and I offered to run to Home Depot to pick something up for them.

I did not know it was plumbing.

I should never be asked to buy plumbing supplies.

I am not good at it.


[what i’m excited about]

You guys – I was able to make it in Target and only spend $21.


Has this ever happened to anyone? Ever?

[what i’m watching/reading]

Never-Before-Seen Content From 'The Office' to Stream on Peacock

The Office is on Comedy Central pretty much every single day.

I’ve been watching them almost every day.

It never gets old.

It makes me laugh every. single. time.

Golden Girl: Hilderbrand, Elin: 9780316420082: Amazon.com: Books

I just bought Golden Girl, but haven’t started reading yet.

I’m really hoping that I like it! Her books are always really good.

[what i’m listening to]

Lil Bit [Explicit] by Nelly & Florida Georgia Line on Amazon Music -  Amazon.com

I’m really loving the new (or new to me) Nelly and Florida Georgia Line song Lil Bit.

It’s fun for summer for sure.

[what i’m wearing]

I am loving my new jumpsuit.

It’s super comfy (maybe a little long on me) and I’m wearing it all the time.

[what i’m looking forward to]

Beach vacation!

Need I say more?!?! 🙂

[what else is new]

Britney Spears: Full Court Transcript Against Conservatorship - Variety


Are we all trying to figure out what’s going on with Britney Spears?

Makes me sad.

5 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. I sure hope you get some answers for what is going on with your dad soon! It feels like the summer is just flying by this year. Hope you have a great time at the beach; that cabana looks fabulous!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you get some answers for your dad. That sounds really stressful. And enjoy your beach trip. That sounds fun, at least 🙂


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