Thankful Thursday

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Today is Thankful Thursday for June! (a few days late)


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With all the craziness happening with my dad, today we are super thankful for all of the nurses that are taking care of him.

He’s had some absolute excellent and compassionate people working incredibly hard and making him feel as comfortable as he can in a scary situation.

Thank you to all nurses and medical professionals everywhere. It’s been a really tough 18+ months for everyone and the fact that you’re all still doing your best and providing wonderful care to your patients is so appreciated.


I’m so thankful my have this sweet dog.

They adopted her about 2 years ago and she’s turned into the perfect companion for my mom while she’s home alone and when my dad doesn’t feel good, she’s right there with him.


I won the in-law lottery when I married The Hubster.

His parents are some of the most amazing and kind people I have ever known.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law (and their spouses) make me laugh and are some of my favorite and best friends in the entire world.

This month, we got to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday!

Mike is such a great guy. He’s faithful. He loves his family. He’s a fantastic dad. He’s hilarious.

Happy Birthday!

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