Friday Favorites

Sorry I’ve been missing this week, friends.

The Hubster and I rushed to be with my dad last weekend and we got some news that we’re all still processing. I don’t have a lot to share at this point, but if you could just say a little prayer for him, I would really appreciate it.

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorites from the week.


One of my besties got me this awesome travel bag for my birthday.

I feel like we’ve been taking a bunch of mini trips lately and it’s perfect.

I love that it’s essentially packing cubes that masquerade as a travel bag.

I highly recommend it!


We spent some extended time at my parents’ house and I got to bond with their dog a little more.

Ruby’s so funny.

She loves the bacon treats. (I mean, who wouldn’t?)

She’s also really smart! While my dad was gone, she definitely missed him and kept looking for him near his chair.

I may have fed her way too many treats over the last few days. hahaha


MMM…I needed a car treat and Junior Mints just jumped out to me.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had them!

Friday Favorites are a little bit short this week…hopefully I can return to regular programming next week.

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