What I Wore

Come on in to see what I’ve been wearing these days!

Shirt | Shorts | Mask | Sandals | Bag

I was on the fence about these shorts until I wore them for the day and they are super duper comfy! I highly recommend them for this summer. And I like that they aren’t crazy short.

I’ve had my flip flops forever and they are just as comfy today as they were the day I got them!

Top | Tank | Pants | Sneakers

We had kind of a lazy day and we had to run out. So I threw this on to be a little bit presentable.

My favorite joggers. The coziest lightweight sweatshirt. And these Sorels are amazing.

Top | Pants

I wasn’t sure about these pants, but I kept seeing them on other people and thought I’d give it a try.

I think it’ll be cuter with a different shirt and some cuter shoes.

But overall, comfy jeans and you feel like you’re living in the late 90s again!

Top | Jeans | Sneakers

I don’t know that this is the most flattering outfit ever, but everything about it is comfortable.


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