Bucket List Item

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I just crossed another item off my bucket list and it has made me so so so happy.

I got a second earring hole in each of my ears!!

I have wanted to do this for years but was so afraid to do it.

In college, when I was studying to be an accountant, my professors told me that it was the most conservative profession and if we had piercings or tattoos, we wouldn’t get hired.

So when I should have been contemplating belly button piercings and taking advantage of a flat stomach, I was studying and being terrified of getting another earring.

Then I worked at a super conservative firm and it was just not on my radar.

So for my 39th birthday, I decided I just wanted to do it.

Thursday night, I went to a piercing place in town and now I have my second hole in each ear.

You guys, it has brought me so much happiness.

If I had known how happy it makes me, I would have done it years ago!

Now I can’t wear anything new in them for about 4-5 months, but I’m totally fine with it.


I’m giddy with happiness!

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