Bathroom Renovation

The Hubster came home the other day and decided it was time to do some home projects.

We’ve been talking about painting and doing some other stuff around the house but haven’t really done anything about it.

So last Thursday, we headed to Lowe’s and got started.

I don’t have really good “before” pictures.

As you can see, The Hubster had started taking down stuff before I could start taking pics.

You can see – we did nothing to this room. It’s the same way we bought it.

I really wanted to do an accent wall. I had been talking about doing an accent wall in there for awhile now.

In fact, one weekend when The Hubster was out of town, I had bought this removable wallpaper and had considered trying to do it as a surprise.

Thank goodness I didn’t.

There are a few things that test a marriage: assembling IKEA furniture, moving, and apparently putting up wallpaper stickers.

Because it was a wallpaper STICKER.

As in contact paper.

That sticks to itself when you’re trying to reposition it.

And also, if you aren’t paying total attention, you put it on in a mirror pattern instead of matching and then you have to take down the entire strip.

But we did it!

I am super super happy with how it turned out.

It kind of feels like a super fancy bathroom that’s not in my house.

Stay tuned because I think The Hubster wants to do some more renovating.

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