Friday Favorites

It’s the last Friday of February! Which is kind of crazy to think about. But yet, here we are!

Did you guys have weird weather this week? On Sunday it was 6 degrees outside when I woke up and on Wednesday, it was 62 degrees in the afternoon when I went to get the mail for work. So strange.

I hope spring is around the corner!

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorites from the week.


This adorable tank top is on its way to me right now!

An adorable navy tank top that I can wear with one of my favorite cardigans? It was a no brainer!


I just discovered that you can order Sour Patch Kids by the color.

UMMM…where have you been my whole life?!?!

Blue and red will arrive on my doorstep this afternoon.


I was so so so happy it was warm enough for me to get through the car wash.

My car was covered, covered, with salt and gunk from the winter. I couldn’t even see the backup camera anymore – it was all fuzzy.

Wonderbread (my car’s name), was so happy to be sparkly clean.

At least for a day or two.


My sister-in-law got me a cheese of the month for a few months for Christmas.

One came yesterday and I’ve been enjoying different gorgonzolas this month.

SOOOO good.


The Best Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors - West Magnolia Charm

The Hubster wants to start painting the house and updating it a little, so we’re going to try some paint colors our this weekend.

I’m excited to pick a gray for our room.

And I think I’ve even convinced him to do a wallpaper accent wall in our little bathroom.

I’ll share when we decide what we’re doing.

One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. I want to do the same in our master bedroom/ bath. Light gray walls and then maybe a wallpaper in our bathroom. There are some really pretty peel and stick ones. I just don’t know if I could commit to wallpaper. Cant wait to see what color you pick. Have a great weekend!

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