Sweater Weather

SWEATER WEATHER Logo Vector (.EPS) Free Download

We are in full on sweater weather here.

The temps are cold and not getting above 30, so it’s the perfect time to share the coziest sweaters.

It’s no secret that I love Free People sweaters.

So it should not be surprising that I have the My Only Sunshine sweater in aqua and pine.

Free People Softly Structured Sweater | belk

Because I buy things in bulk, I have this Softly Structured Tunic sweater in tan, turquoise, and black.

Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic Sweater (Light Green) at Amazon Women's  Clothing store

I don’t know why I love these Ottoman sweaters, but they are super comfy and I think I could wear them every single day.

ZKESS Womens Casual Long Sleeve Turtleneck Chunky Knit Pullover Sweater  Jumper T | eBay

Amazon sweaters really come through.

I have this one in green and it’s super warm.

Like I can only wear it on the super cold days or else I’ll be roasting by lunchtime.

Lou & Grey Heart Sweater

I want this sweater so bad.

It looks so cozy and I have a feeling I would love it.

Lou & Grey Heart Cozy Up Cowl Top

This is a sherpa, not a sweater, but yes, to sherpas.

Aerie Cloud Sherpa Snap Oversized Pullover

Just a shout out to my favorite sherpa. That I can’t stop wearing.

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