Cringe Moment

10 Most Cringe-Worthy Career Mistakes

Oh my gosh – you guys, I just about died the other day with my in-laws…

Palm Springs | Spring movie, Palm springs, Andy samberg

We were looking for a movie to watch and my brother-in-law was like, hey we all like Groundhog Day and there’s this new movie that’s like an updated version of it.


This movie is rated-R.

I don’t usually watch movies that have intimate times shown with my in-laws.

Just a general rule.

We start the movie.

It’s starts with a scene of Andy Samberg being intimate with his girlfriend but it gets a little raunchy.

And then the wifi or Hulu stopped working.

So we restarted and had to watch that scene again.

We got through it.

And the internet messed up again.

So we watched it for a third time.

And at a part of the scene where the one character just repeatedly cursed over and over and over, my nephew got out of bed to ask us a question.

So we quickly paused.

Palm Springs' Trailer: Andy Samberg Comedy Broke Sundance Record | IndieWire

And then the internet really stopped working because we couldn’t get anything to work at that point.

God bless my mother-in-law.

She’s all like, “you know what I wanted to do with my kids over Christmas? Watch this guy jerk off over and over again. Merry Christmas!”

She’s hilarious.

I love her.

The Hubster and I did watch the rest of the movie the other day.

I still do not recommend it.


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