Book Club

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I love reading.

It just makes my heart happy.

And I like sharing that happiness with you guys!

Catch of the Day: Higgins, Kristan: 9780373776795: Books

Oh my gosh – this was the cutest story.

It’s set in Maine and now I really want to visit Maine and visit the shops and eat lobster bisque and be by the ocean.

I love how the main character is looking for love and it just happens right in front of her and she kind of doesn’t realize it’s happening.

If you need a cute, easy, chick lit book, this is for you!

The Next Best Thing: Higgins, Kristan: 9780373777341: Books

When I realized there was a book 2 to the series above, I of course, had to read it.

I’m a total sucker for books in a series.

The Next Best Thing was heartbreaking and lovely all at the same time.

The main character, Lucy, is widowed and even all these years later, is still trying to learn how to move forward with her life.

Now I need to run over to The Hubster and give him a hug.

I highly recommend these 2 books!

The Restaurant - Kindle edition by Kelley, Pamela M.. Literature & Fiction  Kindle eBooks @

Amazon suggested The Restaurant to me and I’m so glad that I read it.

If you like chick lit that’s set in Nantucket (like Susan Mallery, Elin Hilderbrand, etc.), this book will fit right in!

I loved all the interactions between the sisters and how each of them dove into their projects.

And there’s even a Christmas book that’s coming out in a few weeks!!!!

Flight & Glory Forever: A Poem by Cassie – Garden of REden

So I just finished the Flight & Glory series by Rebecca Yarros and I’m emotionally drained.

I haven’t read a book, much less 5, in a long time that made me like stop to take a breath and look around to see if everyone else was on that same emotional rollercoaster.

I read them totally out of order (5, 3, 1, 2, 4) and it didn’t even matter.

They are definitely rated R but that’s the least of the story.

They’re so so so good.

I’m now frantically trying to figure out how to read the rest of Rebecca Yarros’s books!

I think now I’m going to switch to Christmas books! 🙂

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