Friday Favorites

Happy Halloween Friday! 🙂

No Halloween party for us this year, so I’ll be eating all the Reese cups instead!

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorites from the week.



Let’s flash back to a Halloween when I had a super flat stomach. 😉

I think I shared this before, but my mother-in-law took this costume from me after I wore it and put it in her dress up box in her Kindergarten class.

I’m horrified every time I think about the fact that my costume was so small that a 6 year old can now wear it comfortably.



I had to get something at the Container Store and you guys, it’s like heaven in there.

It makes me want to organize every single thing in my life!


I couldn’t say no to this super adorable mini tape gun and the neon invisible tape.

I mean, could you?


No you couldn’t. 😉


Women's Joan of Arctic™ Wedge II Tall Boot Women's Joan of Arctic™ Wedge II Tall Boot, front

I told you on Wednesday that I was loving these Sorel boots and didn’t know if I should buy them or not.

They arrive at my house on Monday and I’m super super pumped.

Clearly I have no impulse control. 😉


Iron Mountain, Kingsford release Halloween trick-or-treating hours, guidance

I just heard that we should be getting some trick or treaters at the house tomorrow.

There are only about 5 houses on my street and it’s kind of a hike for only 5 pieces of candy. hahaha

But we’re planning on carving our pumpkins tonight and I have to get some candy tonight.

Although rumor has it that there’s only Christmas candy out now, so I hope the kids like Christmas Tree Reese Cups. 🙂

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