Camping Trip

Sara's Campground :: Family Camping on Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

We decided to go on one more camping trip before it got too cold.

I’m so glad we did!

We took Friday and Monday off of work and got to the campground before it got dark.

I was super excited at how cute my rug looked outside.

We decided to venture out for dinner and found a sushi restaurant.

It was SOOOO good.

We didn’t feel like waiting for an hour for a table, so we picked some up to go and ate in the camper.

My super cute sweatshirt is from JCrew Factory and is sooo cozy!

I had some free time on Saturday morning and snuggled up with a hot apple cider and a book.

My total happy place.

The Hubster’s family visited and I was so so so happy to see them.

We haven’t seen our niece and nephew in person since July and we’re used to seeing these kids every 4-6 weeks.

It was so much fun to sit around the campfire and just hang out together.

We took a sunset walk to the beach and OH MY GOSH it was beautiful.

This was also my only beach visit for the year.

So sadz.

Leggings | Our Hunter Boots

Just a couple of girls and their matching rain boots! ❤

I didn’t grow up with a sister, so it’s extra special to have this amazing sister-in-law.

We all ate way too many s’mores and they all headed home.

We loved having them!

We need to step up our camper game.

On Sunday it was a little rainy, so we drove around for a little.

Um, I love the water, but I don’t know that I want to live in the water.

Goofing around.

We thought we’d try fishing.

We caught zero fish.

The weather cleared up a bit, so we hung out here for awhile.

And we finished the night with a campfire and relaxing.

I bought my blanket for this exact purpose and it was perfect!

We packed up the next day and headed back home.

I’m so glad we did this trip – it was worth it to get away for a bit!

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