Thankful Thursday

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Wow guys – it’s already the end of September.

What happened to this month?


We have a lot going on around here and as always, The Hubster is my rock.

He’s there to support, listen, and love me always.

He makes me laugh.

He’s the best and I am so so grateful that he’s the guy I get forever.


We got to hang out with our niece last weekend and I feel so grateful to have such a good relationship with our families.

That we can just go down for a weekend and hang out.

That our nieces and nephew know how much we love hanging out with them.


Premium Vector | Kids friends from around the world around their hands.  multinational friendship of children of friends of the world. cartoon stock  vector illustration isolated on white background.

I’m so thankful for my friends.

I have caught up with a bunch of them and they’re so sweet and funny and I miss them all so much! 🙂

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