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We visited The Hubster’s brother and his family last weekend and we had such a great time with them!

We haven’t seen our niece in forever so when we got there, we soaked up all her snuggles and little personality.

I mean, she’s soooo cute and funny and we just soaked in all the little bits of her.

My sister-in-law and I headed out for an afternoon of fun.

We started at this kid’s consignment sale where there was more baby stuff and kids clothes than I could have imagined.

She got a bunch of cute stuff for Addie for fall and winter.

Cana Vineyards and Winery - Middleburg Online

We headed to Cana Vineyards where we got to try some new wine and had a snack. It was really nice to catch up, just the two of us.

I got no pictures, but when we got back, we made homemade empanadas with my sister-in-law’s grandmother.


On Sunday morning, we got up and watched Addie’s swimming lesson.

It was so cute to see her splash around in the pool and have fun.

The Hubster and I then headed home.

But we stopped at a brewery, had a drink and a snack, listened to a band, and just kind of hung out the two of us.

It was really nice to just hang out.

We haven’t done anything like this in a long time (thanks COVID), so it felt awesome to feel normal.

Before we left, I got some cotton candy because why not.


It was a really fun time catching up with some family and having a quick side trip together.

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