Now that The Hubster and I decided we like camping and want to go more often, we need your help.

We need some idea for games to play with just the 2 of us.

I can play solitare but I need to learn some more games to play alone.

Rummy (Rum)– Card Game Rules | Bicycle Playing Cards

I’ve been playing rummy with my family on vacations (and at home) since I was old enough to understand the rules and hold cards.

When we play on vacation, it reminds me of playing with my grandparents.

The Hubster and I just started a forever game. I bought a notebook and we’re just going to keep playing in the same game until we don’t want to anymore.

(Spoiler – the years of me playing are totally kicking his butt right now!)

What games do you guys play on vacation that are 2 players?

I could bring some board games with us on trips. We can’t really play Cards Against Humanity with only 2 of us.

Although could you imagine what it would be like if we played a giant game of monopoly? That would be the perfect place and time to do it!

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