Camping Trip

We went on a camping trip over Labor Day weekend and it was so much fun!!

We headed to a campground about an hour away and it was the easiest setup.

The maintenance people at the campground were so helpful and our neighbors showed us some tricks to make the whole parking thing less stressful.

We had some spaghetti for dinner and it was the perfect start to our adventure.

The Water Is A Brilliant Blue At Lake Arthur, A Refreshing Roadside Stop In  Pennsylvania | News Break

I don’t have a ton of pictures from Saturday.

We walked around the entire campground and it was so nice.

I’m also very happy to not have to sleep in a tent. lol

We rented kayaks and went fishing in a really nice lake.

I think I need to work out my arms more because it was tough when the wind blew and the current picked up.

It would be awesome if we could buy some kayaks.

But where would we put them?

After a whole day of adventure, we got back to the camper and made some s’mores!

While I made myself a treat, The Hubster smoked a chicken for dinner!

On Sunday morning, we thought we would try making mountain pie breakfast sandwiches.

We also learned a valuable lesson.

The mountain pies burn really fast if you put them directly into the fire.

So you need to lay it on the log on top that is not in the fire.

Sunday afternoon we drove to about an hour away to visit some friends.

But not before we stopped for our favorite hot dogs! 🙂

It was really really great to see our friends and catch up with everyone.

All their kids are getting big, but I liked hearing how they like school and what projects their working on.

Campfires are the best with this guy!

It doesn’t feel like you’re roughing it when you can make breakfast and watch Selling Sunset.

Monday was rainy, so we played cards.

It’s been awhile since I played solitare with real cards.

The Hubster and I are now in the middle of an ongoing game of rummy.

Like we have a notebook and are just going to keep playing forever.

Tuesday turned out to be really nice and we took a quick hike before we packed up.

Also this conversation:

Hubster: See all these pine needles? If you’re camping out here, try to find a flat surface of pine needles and that’s where you want to put the tent. It’s nice and soft.

Me: Hm, interesting.

Hubster: I mean it’s not your bed. It’s still the ground.

Me: I figured.

Hubster: Wait…you’re never going to sleep on the ground are you? Never mind.

Silly Hubster.

No trip would be complete without ice cream, so I got a quick treat before we headed back home.

We had so much fun! Looking forward to our next trip already!

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