Let’s Look Wednesday

It’s Let’s Look Wednesday!

I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything to peek at some of the stuff in our lives!

Today, we’re talking about our school pictures.

Ugh – I just went through my old year books and I’m traumatized!


The last time I had bangs.

3rd grade.


Why did my parents pay money for this picture? I wasn’t even looking!

And you can see the border of the background on the left part of the picture.

I have no idea what I was wearing.


What you can’t see is that my sweater has rows of pink bunnies crocheted on it and my hair has a matching scrunchie.

Oh 5th grade.


These glasses are like half my face.


I recently was afraid my hairline was receding. These pictures make me realize I’ve always had a large forehead and maybe that’s why my mom pushed bangs on me for so long. haha

This is 7th grade and my school uniform went from a smock to a skirt and I thought I was pretty cool.


This is exactly what think I looked like in 8th grade.

Minus the giant glasses, I think my hair is the exact same.


This might be my best year.

I got contacts and seem a ton happier.

Other than the fact that I’m wearing some weird jungle print?!?!

I know my grandma made me that shirt, but I have no idea why I wanted a safari shirt.


My sophomore year of high school.


This is how I see myself in high school.

My hair was generally this length.

I wore typical 90s outfits.


So many thoughts.

First of all, my dad still has a copy of this picture in his wallet and tells people, “she still kind of looks like this.”

This might also be the only time I ever wore lipstick in my entire high school career.

I’m not sure why I wore turtlenecks for so many of my school pictures. Was that a thing in the 90s? I don’t remember wearing them that much.

I have no idea how I got voted class cutie. No idea.


I totally forgot that I have a picture from my senior year of college.

This is awful.

I was wearing my lucky suit.

But I clearly remember that I missed the regular picture day for some reason and had to go to Sears to get a replacement.

My skin was apparently see through and it’s really an awful picture of me.


Okay, time to leave memory lane…:)

2 thoughts on “Let’s Look Wednesday

  1. LOL! The prints and the styles of the old photos are really fun to poke fun of.. I’m just so thankful that most school photos were only of our head/chests and not full body shots as I don’t think I want to know what the rest of some of these outfits actually looked like. I just know some day my boys are going to say the same things about their photos…

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