Thankful Thursday

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It’s the end of August so that means time for me to be thankful!


The Mission of the Church Is Eternal

One of the last things The Hubster and I did before we went into quarantine and the world changed, was to attend a church mission.

It was sort of life changing for us.

It changed how I pray and how I see my faith.

It was pretty amazing.

I’m grateful that all these months later, my faith is still strong and I credit that mission.


I’m grateful that despite all the restrictions this summer, I’ve been able to enjoy the backyard.

It’s so nice to be able to hang out there after work and just relax on the weekends.


These businesses are giving free food, products, services to health care  workers in San Antonio

We’ve been starting up the fertility treatments again and I can’t be more grateful for all the healthcare professionals that are taking care of us right now.

They’re such amazing people and we’re so happy they’re on our side.

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