Let’s Look Wednesday

It’s Let’s Look Wednesday!

I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything to peek at some of the stuff in our lives!

Today, we’re talking about our desks.

My desk is a mess.


I said it.

I’m working part-time at home and part-time in the office.

I’m not at my physical office long enough to clean up and every time it appears like it’s almost under control, people come in and throw a bunch of papers at me and it’s game over.

1 – I bought these chairs at Target and while they look nice and kind of match the office, I wouldn’t buy them again. They aren’t really sturdy and I spend a lot of time telling the guys “4 on the floor” and fixing them. haha

2 – Bought this mug in Disney World and I love that it has all the princesses’ castles on there.

3 – I have had these blue light glasses forever and had a I realized they’d be a thing, I would have been much happier to try them out on Amazon at a substantially cheaper price. That said – they do work for me on days when my eyes hurt from staring at the screen.

4 – My mouse pad

5 – Fun desk set

This is the rest of the madness.

Papers everywhere.

The desk calendar is from March 18 – the last normal day in the office. Yikes!

My home office looks like this while I’m working.

It’s like this during the day and then I clean it up in time for dinner. 🙂

And then on the not roasty toasty days, I can work outside and it’s amazing!

Can’t wait to see your desks and hopefully get some idea on how to get a handle on mine!

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