Magic Kingdom!

Walt Disney World Photo Gallery Disc

A few weeks ago, I deemed 2018 the year of travel and that we would (try) to go on a trip or do something each month this year.

Last weekend we were in Disney World for the first of our 2018 trips!  This will actually be a 3 part post because I figure I’ll dedicate one post to each park we visited.

PS – get ready for picture overload! 🙂


In early 2015, The Hubster’s cousin was getting married in Florida and we decided that since we were already in FL, we might as well pay Mickey a visit. For various reasons, the trip got cancelled and we have been holding these tickets for about 3 years now.

I made the executive decision a few months ago, that we would spend The Hubster’s birthday in Disney so we could use these tickets!


We had an early morning flight on Friday. It’s amazing I don’t have more bags under my eyes.

And as per usual, The Hubster was doing last minute work with our co-workers. (Who were still probably sleeping when he tried to send email and texts to them!)


If any of you guys are Snoop fans, I didn’t know gin and juice had such a fun name now – Orange Blossom. I thought it was gin and juice!


The sunrise from the plane was beautiful. I rarely get to see the sunrise from a plane, so it was cool to see.


We’re on Disney’s Magical Express!

I have to say that I was super impressed by how smooth the transfer from the airport to the hotel was. Disney knows how to get it done!


After we checked in, we realized that we hadn’t eaten anything yet and we were starving. The natural choice for me was to have some Mickey waffles.


Just like that – we were in Magic Kingdom! 🙂

Let’s make something super clear in this post about our Disney experience – I planned virtually nothing about when we were going to be in the park. I didn’t make any food reservations, fast pass requests, or plan out the day/route before we left.

So if our days seems a little weird and disjointed to those of you who have been to Disney before, yes, yes they were.


We started our day at The Hall of Presidents. I loved the history of it and how cool it was that the Presidents were animated.

The Hubster wanted to see if I would be okay with him figuring out how to get the same screen in our living room.


When we got in line for It’s a Small World, I decided to highlight that one of us was looking forward to the ride and the other one of us was still working. 🙂


He turned it around quickly after that and we enjoyed the ride together.

But that song is enough to drive you out of your mind!

Here is where we meandered around a lot.


The Hubster decided that we should go on the Teacups because they are iconic and *everyone* goes on them. I figured it would be harmless.

Imagine this scene…everyone on the ride (but us) is with kids and going around in a nice manner. The Hubster is spinning our cup as fast as he possible could and I had to close my eyes from being so dizzy.

It was hilarious and sad all at the same time.

Whoever invented the waiting area for the Dumbo ride is a genius. Instead of waiting in the line (and snaking back and forth in those queues), you get a ticket and play in this arcade. When they call your ticket, you head over to the ride.


I mean I know it was just Dumbo, but it was pretty amazing. We could sit down (I clearly didn’t go on the slides, etc.)


We made it on to Dumbo!


Who could turn down a Mickey pretzel? Clearly not this girl!

I did buy the Memory Maker package so we could download all of the pictures taken of us at the parks. Some people say that it wasn’t worth it but for us it was. I liked having nice pictures of us taken!


Can we discuss for a quick second how amazing this picture of us is? There is not one other single person behind us in this picture.

At Magic Kingdom. In front of the castle.



The best thing we did for this vacation was buy the Disney After Dark passes. This let us stay in the park for an extra 3 hours at night but without the really large crowds that were there during the day.

We picked to go to Disney in January because we heard the crowds weren’t so bad.

The popular rides were a 60-160 minute wait.

Yes…160 minutes to go on the Toy Story Ride, 120 minutes to ride Space Mountain, and 160 minutes to meet Princess Tiana and Rapunzel.

I don’t even know who Princess Tiana is and had to ask a kid at the resort.

Anywho, we basically had a run of the park at night and didn’t wait in line for anything.


Let’s call this one “our first time on the ride” and you can see me holding on for dear life.


Let’s call this one “The Hubster doesn’t know how to pose for a picture.” hahaha


You can see our focus during the Toy Story adventure ride. I had no idea what I was doing and we determined I was not good at it. lol


The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was really fun. It’s changed substantially since I was last there (back when I was 12 years old).


Enough said.


I requested only one thing the entire time we were there – I needed to have a Mickey ice cream every single day.

This is my first one. 🙂

Funny items to note about this first day…

  1. When we were on The Haunted Mansion Ride, it randomly stopped and a real creepy voice said, “there’s been a delay, please stay seated” and we thought it was a part of the ride. It wasn’t! So we were stuck by the skeleton and coffin for about 15 minutes. It was funny at first and then just weird. lol
  2. The People Mover ride in Tomorrowland randomly stopped for about 5 minutes. We weren’t sure what happened but at this point, we started to wonder if we were jinxed!


I want to end with this beautiful picture The Hubster took on our way out on Friday night.

This picture makes my heart happy. 🙂


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