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I love finding cool things on Etsy that you might not find anywhere else.

I know a lot of people are hurting for jobs right now and since Etsy is full of small-business owners, I thought it would be perfect to share what I’m buying off Etsy these days.

Luke's Diner Travel Mug 1 Soft Enamel Pin Gilmore image 0

Did I *need* a Luke’s Diner pin?


Am I super happy to have it?


Personalized Turquoise Confetti Glitter Tumbler Teal Glitter image 0

This glitter tumbler is being gifted to one of my friends for her birthday.

I mean, who doesn’t love fun tumblers for work?

Check out That Inspired Chick’s shop too – she has some really cute stuff. I have ordered Christmas presents from her in the past.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation inspired fried cat  image 0

I need to buy this for someone for Christmas this year.

I’m just not sure if it’s my neighbor or my sister-in-law.

Small Leaf Leather Earrings Set/Multi-Pack Leather image 0

Adorable earrings for $16?

Add to cart!!

White linen dress TOSCANA. Asymmetrical sleeveless loose image 0

No joke…I saw a picture of Meghan Markle in this dress and loved it.

I think it’s on back order so I’ll let you know how I like it when it gets here.

Handmade Washable Reversible Face Mask Rainbow Hearts adult image 0

Since I think masks are here for awhile, why not have cute ones?!?!

What do you guys buy on Etsy? I love seeing all the cute stuff.

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