Life Lately

I feel like I haven’t done a life lately post in awhile, so today’s a good a day as any!

We celebrated our friend Shawn’s 40th birthday.

His wife, Meg, and I aren’t sure how Shawn’s getting so old because we’re clearly young and fun still.

It was really nice to see them and hang out.

The guys used to live together so the 4 of us would hang out almost every weekend.

I miss those days.

The Hubster decided to share a boat with a family friend this summer.

(Never mind that it’s in a city we don’t live in. Details, he tells me.)

We had our first opportunity to go out and we were pumped to be on a boat again.

There’s something so relaxing about being on the water.

It makes us both so so happy.

I do not have pictures but my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and nephew came out with us too.

My brother-in-law is such a trooper because he gets seasick and he keeps trying to get on the water.

The poor guy took 2 doses of Dramamine and was still looking a really awful color about 15 minutes into the sail.

And then my nephew announced that his belly felt weird and he wanted to go back to land.

So we got back to the dock, dropped off the seasick people and their driver, and headed back out.

On a sailboat in the middle of Lake Erie is the only place I ever see this guy that happy and relaxed.

Someday we’ll live by water again.

He really misses it.

I am loving the Instagram filters.

I mean, my wrinkles and blemishes are poof gone.

It’s fantastic.

My most favorite bunch ever.

So so so so so good.

A groundhog was living under our shed.

I named him Punxytawney Phil.

The Hubster didn’t want Phil to live at our house anymore.

He set a trap.

We caught a raccoon.

The raccoon must have been in the trap all night because he wasn’t angry or scared in the morning.

I think he’s cute.

While The Hubster re-baited the trap and checked every 10 minutes for Phil, I sat on the porch with some iced tea and a book.


And then, Phil just appeared in the trap.

Foiled by apples.

He was not so happy to be in the trap.

Phil has since been re-homed. I think he’s a happier dude.

I don’t think there’s anything better than having some ice cream while you’re going through a car wash.

It makes a rather boring task much more fun!

I’ve been working on my origami skills so I can do it over FaceTime with my goddaughter.

The dog on the top needs some work.

I can’t get it to stand up.

My favorite tomato bacon cheese sandwiches from when I was a kid.

Summer veggies are my favorite!

My friends and I like to try new water and rate them.

Yes, we are weird.

This new Liquid Death water seemed really fun.

It tastes like water in a can.


But fun to try.

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