Friday Favorites

It’s the weekend! 🙂

Pet Quarantine Memes – St. Andrew Lutheran Church

Totally me this week, except I was the opposite.

I thought it was a phone call and turns out it was a Zoom.

That I had to be on in person and not just call in.


So now everyone knows what I look like when I work from home.

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.


I love planning a good party.

And it’s even better when I can include decorations at work!

The Hubster has worked with R since 2004 and we were super pumped to surprise her with these balloons.

(And this amazing balloon pump!! Thanks Andrea!! And never mind The Hubster who was all like you bought an air pump.)

Not pictured are the amazing no-bake cheesecake cupcakes I made to have as a treat in the afternoon.


I was gifted an Ancestry DNA kit a few years ago for Christmas and my results at the time were Asia.

I’m not kidding.

I got an entire contient.

And about 5,000 9th cousins.

[shakes head]

Apparently the software has been updated or more samples came in or whatever, but my ancestry has been narrowed down to Northern China and Korea.

So my potential relatives have been narrowed down by about half a billion people.


Although my dreams of being a Fijian princess have been dashed. (Because last time, I could have been potentially from Fiji.)


I got home from work on Tuesday and found some money on my night table.

Of course I called The Hubster and was like ummmmm?

He laughed and said he was cleaning his pockets out looking for something on his way to work and just ended up throwing the money on my table and move it later.

I wasn’t sure if we were moving in a new phase of this relationship.



I know there is so so so much up in the air about going back to school.

But can I just say that no matter what, seeing all the school supplies make me so happy.

I mean, the folders, the notebooks, the pens!

I’m geeking out over here!


Did I *need* these cute shoes?

Of course not.

But they were on sale and they’re adorable!

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