Star Wars

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I have now watched all of the Star Wars movies.

I did not think this is how we would have spent quarantine, but I made this deal to watch all the movies when we started staying home.

I really wanted to watch Tiger King. The Hubster did not.

The Hubster offered to watch all the episodes of Tiger King if I agreed to watch all the Star Wars movies.

I didn’t realize it would be 11 movies.

Jokes on me.

But here are my Star Wars thoughts..on Star Wars Day!

(spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched)

Super dedicated Star Wars fans…you might not like me.

Note: we watched these movies in chronological order, not the order they are in.

The secrecy has been ludicrous': Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels ...

I love R2D2 but C3PO just annoyed me.  He’s kind of whiny and needy.

Mark Hamill Has A Hilarious Response To Jokes About Leia And ...

Why is it that more people aren’t super weirded out that siblings kissed?

ICYMI: Chewbacca Yelling at Han Solo in English Will Make Your ...

I think Han Solo and Chewbacca are my favorite duo throughout.

But how old do wookies get? Because Chewbacca didn’t seem to age in the newer movies.

The Complete Star Wars Prequel Trilogy 1 - 3 DVD Movie Collection ...

The three movies that were released in the 90s are the worst movies.

Way too many non-human characters.

I thought I like Hayden Christenson but I didn’t like him as Anakin.

Although I loved the little kid who played Anakin!

Rogue One - Wikipedia

I think Rogue One was my favorite of all of the movies.

Star Wars: 10 Most Shameless Things Kylo Ren Ever Did

Why does Kylo Ren wear the mask?

I thought Darth Vader wore it because he couldn’t breathe and physically needed it.

This guy just seems spoiled.

Luke Skywalker

I’ll just leave you with this one. 🙂



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