Friday Favorites

It’s Friday again! But it kind of feels like the rest of the days at home.

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.



We started having a happy hour around 4 or 5 every day.

Why did we wait until 5 weeks into this quarantine to start this excitement?

Who knew how happy it would make us. 🙂



I’ve been using this radiant cleansing balm religiously since I’ve been home and holy cow has it made a difference!

It melts the makeup off your face.

And since I’m not wearing makeup these days, it just keeps my skin feeling so fresh and clean.


Great Value Frozen Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza, 26.6 oz – Walmart ...

Listen, don’t make fun, but Walmart frozen pizza has totally saved us a few times during quarantine.

We make it for 10 minutes in the oven and then put it in the air fryer for another 10 minutes.


Amazing pizza!


Cheetah - Wikipedia

My nephew had to do a project on an animal and he picked cheetahs.

He did such a great job in his presentation to us.

I loved seeing him so excited about his book.

But it’s bittersweet to see him seem so grown up.

I miss the squishy toddler.



I’m super excited for these sandals to come to my house for the summer!

I think they’ll go perfect with this bracelet set too.

Love when everything’s on sale! 🙂

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