Thankful Thursday

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It’s time for me to share the things I’m thankful for this April.

Caveat:  these are kind of silly this month.  Mostly because we’re going crazy being inside.


UGG® Scuffette II Slipper for Women | UGG® Finland

I’m thankful for my slippers.

Without them, my feet would be sad and cold.


Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model) White MV7N2AM/A ...

My head phones are a lifesaver.

Because when you’re on dualing conference calls, speaker phone isn’t an option.



Zoom family birthday parties are becoming our new norm during quarantine.

We’re in “birthday season” at our house and I swear, we’re on zoom every other day celebrating someone else.

It’s nice to see each other and sing happy birthday…all in different pitches and slightly off time.

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