Favorite Things


Today I want to talk about one of my favorite things – the Scrub Daddy.

Image result for scrub daddy

I first saw the Scrub Daddy on Shark Tank.

I thought it looked cool and when I saw it in some stores, I figured I would give it a try.

Oh my gosh – it’s so good!

You can use it on non-stick pots and pans and it doesn’t scratch.

It also gets mostly everything off.

If you use it in hot water, it gets soft, and when you need it to scrub a little harder, turn the water to cold and it will harden.

I have one caveat though:

Melted cheese destroys them.

When I use it to scrub a plate after we make spaghetti parm, I can’t get the melted cheese off of it.

But that’s my only complaint.

And to be fair, we don’t eat spaghetti parm that often.

Do you guys have a Shark Tank favorite?

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